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Executive Master in Responsible Banking

Together with London School of Economics (LSE), WSBI and IEB we offer the 1 year Executive Master in Responsible Banking.
Responsible banking emphasises the bank’s primary socio-economic role as a provider of sustainable welfare to both the citizen and the economy.
Duration: 1 year
  • Executive Master in Responsible Banking (RB) is a one-year programme designed for bankers and future financial service providers who wish to sustainably change the banking industry. Organised by three major international players in the banking and academic sectorsit delivers two specialisations, one in retail banking, the other in corporate banking. Each chapter is analysed from a responsible management perspective emphasising the bank’s economic role and its impact on social welfare and the environment.  The Master’s online modular setup is enriched with local study visits and meetings to financial institutions and academies in order to illustrate content and facilitate professional exchanges. Coaching sessions are planned to reinforce the Master’s course insights. Programme accreditation ensures the highest quality of instruction.
  • Soren Braes is a member of the Strategic Advisory Board for the Executive Master in Responsible Banking